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We can bring the Zoo To U!

Starting at just $200.00 plus tax (mileage may apply) for a 1 hour party with our 10x10 set up, including a tent, corral panels and approximately 10 animals including; 2 goats, 2 lambs, 2 bunnies, 1-2 piglets and ducklings when available. We often have other fun critter we bring for free when not already scheduled like a Capybara, a Patagonian Cavy/Mara or Sulcata tortoise. Selection subject to change based on current availability. This works well for about 25 guests or so,  add a pony for hand-led rides or a larger petting zoo animal such as a mini horse, baby llama or calf for an additional $200.00.this is perfect for the average backyard birthday party, preschool or daycare visit and great for a visit to a senior facility!

For larger Zoo To U events, prices start at $300.00 per hours. You get a bigger set up and more animals.

Please email us thru the website for a quote and to check dates and times for you.

Information that is helpful for us to give you a quote.

Your name, address, phone number. How many projected guests, what type of event, will it be indoor or outdoor, how close will we be setting up from where we can park, What type of surface will we be setting up on, thank you this information will help us to get a quote faster and more efficiently.

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